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Help'EmUp Harness

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Manufacturer: Help'EmUp
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Dogs 30 to 60 pounds
Neck 12-26"
Chest 16-36"
Waist 15-24"
Grey and Black with Red accents
Dogs 60 to 100 pounds
Neck 20-36"
Chest 20-40"
Waist 16-30"
Grey and Black with Blue accents
Extra Large
Dogs 100 to 170 pounds
Neck 20-40"
Chest 24-44"
Waist 18-36"
Grey and Black with Yellow accents
Hi Debbie,
A quick "hello" to let you know how very pleased I am with the Help'Em Up Harness I recently purchased for my German Shepherd, Beau. We are coping with his DM and making adjustments to make him comfortable.
Having Beau in the harness has truly been a godsend. He wears it 24/7 and has never appeared to be uncomfortable while wearing it. When he occasionally has a mis-step and needs a lift to get back on his feet, I just grab hold of his handle on the rear end and give him just the boost he needs to get back on track. I think it has helped restore his dignity in some way and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.
HelpEmUp Harness
See how handsome he looks in it. I call it his "Bomb Sniffing Dog Vest" which makes him feel pretty special.
Cheers and fond regards,
Deb Jaswaye
  • All adjustable straps & fasteners for individual fit
  • Large steel D-ring up front and O ring behind
  • Elevated handles for a quick grip on your pet
  • Soft handles for comfortable lifting & stabilizing
  • Reflective strips to improve nighttime visibility
  • Contoured pads front & rear for complete support
  • Padded with Neoprene for greatest comfort
  • Fastex FastenersTM for quick application
  • Airflow lining to keep your dog cool and comfortable
  • Rear support straps are laminated nylon and neoprene
  • Moveable pelvic pad adds support for entire pelvis
  • Micro fleece lining helps to minimize friction
HelpEmUp Harness
The HelpEmUp Harness is a complete shoulder and hip harness system that can significantly benefit aging and injured dogs and those recuperating from surgery. Also dogs suffering from muscle loss or other muscle degenerative diseases.
By placing a pair of handles where you can easily reach them, this unique harness allows you to lend assistance at any moment. Designed so that dogs can wear it for extended periods of time it’s there when you or they need it. It is very helpful for dogs that are having trouble rising from a lying or sitting position, climbing up or down stairs or getting in and out of vehicles.

Padded with Neoprene, and lined with air flow fabric and Microfibre fleece, The HelpEmUp has a unique lifting application, it lifts the mass of the dogs weight from below, from underneath. This reduces the chance of pinching vital nerves or pulling on injured or arthritic joints. The T-shaped pad in front lifts the dogs chest completely and the belly band, support straps and mobile pelvic pad, together create a triangulation of lift, the three elements working together to lift the entire pelvis from the pelvic floor. Edges are lined with fleece and straps are covered or padded with neoprene.

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